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Dear colleagues

it is a great pleasure to introduce you to our new home page regarding the teaching programme and our publications to the "Target Volume Definition in Radiation Oncology".
Beginning with the interest and work of
Shinji Takahashi from Nagoya concerning the conformal radiotherapy and representation of axial slices of lymphatics, in Germany, we have  further developed the clinical applications of this concept.
In the early sixties, in Berlin- Buch,
Professor Hans-Juergen Eichhorn initiated the first clinical applications of delineation of the clinical target volume in axial anatomical charts. Later on, at the University of Wuerzburg, Professor Werner Bohndorf further developed the concept of the clinical target volume and the conformal radiotherapy and was able to perform a real conformal treatment as routine for all patients treated for more than 30 years.
Professors Eckart Richter and Thomas Feyerabend at that time at the same department and later on at the University of Luebeck have published in 1991 the first book concerning the topographical axial representation of the lymphnodes.
Having the great chance and opportunity to work with Professor Bohndorf for nine years in the Department of Radiotherapy at the Würzburg University, I continued the work started there in my new Clinic for Radiation Oncology at the St. Vincenz-Hospital in Limburg / Germany. Together with my medical physicists Uwe Goetz and Bernd Schicker, we were able to offer through lectures and publicatons all this data on anatomy of lymphatics and lymphatic tumor spread to the new generation of oncologic radiologists. Also, the new concept of the sentinel node and related procedures, as well as  the new irradiation techniques were assiduously promoted.
Since 1999 when we organized the first teaching course on the
Target Volume Delineation in Radiation Oncology we have continued regularly this activity in Germany and abroad. Also, four books were published on this subject.
All details on our teaching courses and international symposia and workshops organised till now and the publications that resulted are now here for your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Dr. Ion Christian Kiricuta

           Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)
St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus-Limburg